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Hiya, thanks for popping by!

Starting up my own website has been extremely helpful and fulfilling in so many ways. I had no idea how much work I had actually done or what I had achieved. If you’re a “go getter” kinda person, strive for success and push your boundaries by challenging yourself everyday then chances are high that you’re pretty hard on yourself too. Sometimes I felt like I was going nowhere and had to actually sit myself down occasionally and force myself to reflect on what I have been doing or what I have achieved. Feeling gratitude is one of the key elements to allow more of what you want to enter your life.

This website helped me to feel immense gratitude because I was finally able to see all the work that I have done since I officially had the guts to take on my dream to pursue my music career which was the 3rd of May 2016 when I released my Album ‘Mystic’

Everything you will see on this website is the body of work that has taken place in less than 2 years. From collaborations to releasing new music and finally travelling abroad to perform and earn money from my music. It’s all in one place. Easy & Accessible to anyone.

I had no idea that I had actually formed a legit concept but having it lying around on social media or stored in folders on my laptop wasn’t good enough. I feel way more in control and accomplished now.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting and following my journey. It is because of you that it’s a thing. So much in the pipeline and coming up and now I have this lovely platform to share it on so stay tuned! Mad love to all!


Styled by Mira Leibowitz
Photography by Bevan Davis
Location: Superbalist Studio