Nocturnal Video Release

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I have finally released ‘Nocturnal’ with a music video of me roaming the streets of Abu Dhabi! We filmed this with a Gopro Hero 5 & 6 casually walking around the city. It’s so safe in the UAE, you can go walk around at 2am all by yourself and not fear for your life and belongings!

I always wanted to shoot this kind of music video but was a bit scared of getting mugged in and around Cape Town because let’s be honest?

Yea so I wrote Nocturnal after feeling hopeless, crazy, frustrated but there was also a sense of calm to it ‘cause I go through this all the time. What was different that time? What’s different this time? Why even care, I mean I’ve only gone through it a million times and there’s nothing special about me ‘cause everyone goes through ups and downs.

So this one is for everyone. As they all are.

The other day I was thinking this:

There must be a reason for suffering because we feel good when things are good. There’s a point to that as it makes us happy. Then life is nice.

But when life is bad it’s so bad you don’t even want to live.

When your life is in danger then you feel or think about the times life was good and wish you were more grateful or you at least start wishing those days were back.

So is suffering a lesson? Why go through all this if we die one day anyway? Is it to make us feel the utmost amount of joy when things are not so bad?

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this music video. <3