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    User training
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    service system Introduction to Customer Servi… Complaints and Suggestions User training user experience

    ◇ On-site technical training
       Service personnel will provide users with system operation, use, and maintenance training during the air and load commissioning process to ensure that the user's operation and maintenance personnel basically master the relevant knowledge of operation and maintenance.

    ◇ User training procedures        
    1、User training is an important part of after-sales service, and it is an essential work skill for every service person. User training is related to the long-term safe, stable and efficient operation.        
    2、Service personnel should actively listen to the user's training requirements, and formulate a complete no-load, load or maintenance training plan according to the requirements and actual conditions on the site, so that it is easy to understand.        
    3、No-load debugging training plan, mainly elaborates the following points:
    Introduce the company profile, product structure and characteristics, introduce the job functions and business scope of the customer service division, especially the major and minor repairs, and the contact and supply of spare parts.
    Combining the situation of the field equipment, explain clearly the main features of the product, the wiring method and the debugging method.
    Explain clearly the inspection items before the equipment is put into operation.
    4、The load debugging training plan mainly elaborates the following points: ⑴Inspection items before putting into operation.⑵Explain the common failure phenomena and treatment methods of the equipment, such as open circuit, short circuit, and over current.
    5、The maintenance training plan mainly elaborates the following points:⑴Introduce the ins and outs of the failure and analyze it from the principle.⑵Some methods to prevent failures and on-site handling methods.        
    6、In the process of on-site service, we strive to allow users to cooperate and participate in debugging and maintenance, and conduct on-site training for users through on-site technical exchanges to improve the level of users.         
    7、When leaving, you need to fill in the user training effect sheet, signed by the user, and each holds a copy.