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    Industrial wastewater treatment...

    Date of Publication: 2021/11/9 15:52:14 Article Editor: View Count: 329

    Improved industry standards will promote accelerated investment growth

      Comprehensive report of this newspaper As my country continues to pay attention to water environmental governance, the call for strengthening industrial wastewater governance continues to rise. As a result, the industrial wastewater treatment market will gradually expand.
      According to Luo Jianhua, secretary-general of the Environmental Service Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the core of the "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" is to focus on the treatment of industrial wastewater, and put forward the goal of eliminating inferior Grade V water by 2017.
      According to industry forecasts, the investment demand in the field of industrial wastewater treatment will exceed 100 billion yuan, and listed water treatment companies, especially those related to industrial wastewater treatment, will usher in a new round of investment feast. Luo Jianhua said that industrial wastewater treatment will be the core content of the "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan." my country's municipal wastewater treatment has almost covered it, and industrial wastewater is a major cause of water pollution.
      According to the 2012 National Environmental Statistics Bulletin, industrial wastewater discharge was 22.16 billion tons, accounting for 35% of the country’s total wastewater discharge. The industry estimates that the investment demand in the field of industrial wastewater treatment will exceed 100 billion yuan.
      Luo Jianhua said that in the future, a national environmental protection fund will be established to promote third-party treatment of industrial wastewater by providing low-interest and long-term loans.
      Guotai Junan Research Report also believes that industrial wastewater treatment, domestic sewage discharge, sewage reuse, and sludge disposal will be the focus of water pollution control policies. The water pollution control industry chain presents a pyramid shape, and it is judged that investment opportunities will appear in operations and membrane-related fields.
      At the same time, some people in the industry said that the continuous improvement of industry standards will promote the accelerated growth of investment in industrial wastewater treatment. Since 2008, the Ministry of Environmental Protection has newly established/improved wastewater discharge standards in 42 industries in a high-density manner. More comprehensive and strict standards should force companies to install or renovate sewage treatment facilities. In addition, many industries have set clear access and limit values for the water consumption of products, which is expected to encourage enterprises to use more water reuse processes.