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    Organic solvent recovery equipment
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    Activated carbon ads…
    1. Working principle:
    Adsorption recovery mainly involves using adsorption materials to adsorb organic solvents from waste gas, and then desorbing and recycling organic solvents.
    (1) Pre treatment adsorption: The exhaust gas is pressurized by a fan and enters the activated carbon adsorber. The organic components are adsorbed when penetrating the activated carbon layer, and the purified gas after adsorption …
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    Activated carbon fib…
    1. Working principle:
    The adsorption device can be divided into 2-3 adsorption chambers, controlled by a microcomputer and switched on its own, alternating with adsorption analysis (drying) and other process processes. The vented waste gas is filtered through reduced pressure before entering the adsorber for adsorption. ACF (activated carbon fiber) adsorbs a certain amount of organic waste gas, desorbs it with w…
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    Resin adsorption
    1. Resin adsorption principle:
    Resin adsorption desorption+condensation recovery is the use of resin to fully adsorb molecules of organic components in waste gas. When the adsorption reaches a certain saturation, the adsorption stops and the saturated resin is heated using saturated low-pressure water vapor. The adsorbed organic components are activated and gasified, desorbed from the resin, and the activated re…
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