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    Dust removal equipment Acid and alkaline waste gas treatment equipment VOC exhaust gas treatment equipment Organic solvent recovery equipment Accessories and consumables
    Pulse bag dust collector
    How it works:
    The dust-containing air enters the dust-collecting equipment through the inlet of the dust-collecting equipment, and the heavy dust falls to the funnel due to the slow wind speed. The lighter dust is filtered with the gas through the filter bag and adhered to the surface of the filter bag. Clean air is discharged from the fan chimney through the outlet.
    According to the size of the dust collec…
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    Cartridge dust collector
    1. Working principle:
    After the dust-bearing gas enters the dust collector hopper, due to the sudden expansion of the air flow section and the action of the air flow distribution plate, some coarse particles in the air flow settle in the dust hopper under the action of dynamic and inertial forces. After the fine particle size and small density dust particles enter the dust filter chamber, the dust is deposited o…
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    Dry explosion-proof dust collector
    1. Working principle:
    On the basis of the original bag dust removal system, the wind speed in the pipeline is improved, the funnel Angle is increased, and the explosion-proof fan, explosion-proof discharge valve, explosion-proof pulse valve and anti-static filter cloth are used. Increase monitoring: wind speed monitoring, temperature monitoring, spark detection, pressure monitoring, pressure difference monitorin…
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    Wet explosion-proof dust collector
    1. Working principle:
    The wet dust removal scrubber uses the water flow to reverse wash, and the water flow absorbs the dust into the liquid and then enters the open sedimentation tank. Only the sediment in the pool and the internal packing of the scrubber need to be cleaned regularly.
    Application: It is suitable for the dust removal system of the "Key Combustible dust Catalog of industry and Trade&quo…
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