New music video “High” out now!


Ayyyy Welcome!

Thank you for visiting my website! The new music video for 'High' is out now! Even though we had a completely different concept in the beginning with a whole cast of people, we really love what we did with it considering the circumstances with the virus and all that.

Huge thanks to Marku Boshoff for doing a phenomenal job as usual with the videography, editing and artwork and Marius De Beer for producing the song and starring in the music video with his smooth instrumental skillz! 'High' is a single off my new album which is set to be released on the 2nd of May 2020 at The Raptor Room but because of the lockdown, we are not all too sure if this will be possible on the exact date but everything will be postponed accordingly and will keep everyone updated via social media as to what will be happening.

You can download the song for FREE on my website or you can make a donation. Since I have not been able to quite literally make a single cent as an artist this month, it would be much appreciated! If you're struggling or just can't afford it RN then go ahead and download for free and consider it a little prezzie to ease the lockdown blues!

I hope you enjoy the music video and that it somewhat takes your mind off all this noise. That's why I wrote it. To forget about it for a moment, focus on yourself and just be present. Much Love, B